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Inside SalesEmail:Ext.:
Commercial Commercial@thejoyceagency.com  
Jason Caradine jason@thejoyceagency.com 479
Gene Decker gdecker@thejoyceagency.com 480
AJ Jones aj@thejoyceagency.com 481
Benny Mauck bmauck@thejoyceagency.com 482
Steve Sheftic steve@thejoyceagency.com 476
Charlie Saldana charlie@thejoyceagency.com 484
CJ Snyder cj@thejoyceagency.com  
Quotations Quotations@thejoyceagency.com  
Tia Garriss tia@thejoyceagency.com 483
Patrick Bodin pbodin@thejoyceagency.com 486
Mike Mitchell mmitchell@thejoyceagency.com  
HVAC HVAC@thejoyceagency.com  
Jenny Wandelt jenny@thejoyceagency.com 489
Jeff DeShayes jdeshayes@thejoyceagency.com  
Kim Taylor kim@thejoyceagency.com  
Hardy Zangana hardy@thejoyceagency.com 478
Maria Barrios maria@thejoyceagency.com 451
Fixtures Fixtures@thejoyceagency.com  
Laura Quackenbush  laura@thejoyceagency.com 477
Logan Miller logan@thejoyceagency.com 452
Yolanda Sarraga yolanda@thejoyceagency.com 474
PVF (Pipe, Valves, & Fittings) PVF@thejoyceagency.com  
Don Horan (Inside Sales Mgr.)
dhoran@thejoyceagency.com 475
Jessica Singer jessica@thejoyceagency.com 456
SPG SPG@thejoyceagency.com  
Jason Caradine jason@thejoyceagency.com 479
Gary Reighard gary@thejoyceagency.com 485
Warehouse warehouse@thejoyceagency.com  
AJ Jones aj@thejoyceagency.com 481
Matt Maynard warehouse@thejoyceagency.com 450
Lynn Baldwin (Administrative / HR) lynn@thejoyceagency.com 488
Victoria Sheftic (Marketing) victoria@thejoyceagency.com 419
Sue Koch (Bookkeeper) sue@thejoyceagency.com 453
Kerri McMahon (Receptionist) kerri@thejoyceagency.com  
David Kulakowski david@thejoyceagency.com 473
Outside SalesEmail:  
Outside Sales - Plumbing



Mason Alls (Specialty Accounts) mason@thejoyceagency.com  
Paul Amos (Southern VA) pamos@thejoyceagency.com  
Rich Barbieri (Eastern MD/ DE) rich@thejoyceagency.com  
Kevin Cerretani (DC Metro) kevin@thejoyceagency.com  
Keith Coughlin (Central VA) keith@thejoyceagency.com  
Cydney Johnstone (Southern VA)  cydney@thejoyceagency.com  
Skipper Joyce (Northern VA) sjoyce@thejoyceagency.com  
Todd Joyce (DC Metro/Northern VA) tjoyce@thejoyceagency.com  
Troy Joyce (Baltimore) troyjoyce@thejoyceagency.com  
Matt Morris (Baltimore) mmorris@thejoyceagency.com  
Bill Poling (Facilities Sales) bpoling@thejoyceagency.com  
Harry Poling (Western MD/WV) hpoling@thejoyceagency.com  
Jon Sargeant (Specification Sales) jsargeant@thejoyceagency.com  
Darren Wilmore (Southern VA) dwilmore@thejoyceagency.com  
Outside Sales - HVAC



Ryan Anderson (Southern VA) ryan@thejoyceagency.com  
Joseph Caruso (Northern VA/DC) joseph@thejoyceagency.com  
Paul DeIuliis (MD/DC) pauld@thejoyceagency.com  
Ron Jenkins (DC Metro) rjenkins@thejoyceagency.com  
Matthew Stewart (DC Metro) mstewart@thejoyceagency.com  
Outside Sales - Residential



Alex Forster (Northern VA) alex@thejoyceagency.com  
Sarah Linn (Specifications) sarah@thejoyceagency.com  
Meredith Minor (Eastern MD/DC) meredith@thejoyceagency.com  
Michelle Stilley (Northern VA/DC/MD) michelle@thejoyceagency.com  
Dean of Education    
Mike Wentz mikew@thejoyceagency.com